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A Behind the Scenes Look at Cult Partners

We are honored that we have been featured on the Paper Specs Gallery. A camera crew recently followed us as we printed the Diablo’s Shadow Small Batch label at Vintage 99 in Livermore, California. There are also interviews with Cult Partners’ Creative Director Jeff Hester, and Ryan Sutherland, the owner and Master Distiller at Sutherland Distilling. The video gives some insight into the process of designing an award winning label like Diablo’s Shadow.

You can view the article and video here.

Manikay Featured in “Outside the Box”

Cult Partners is pleased to announce that our work has been featured in a new book published by the Princeton Architectural Press titled, “Outside the Box: Hand-Drawn Packaging from Around the World”. The book examines how designers are lending authenticity to their projects by choosing to render their designs by hand. In an age of computers and Photoshop, hand rendered work stands out in a crowded marketplace.

The book examines our process through the development of artwork for Manikay—beginning with rough pencil sketches to our final process of rendering the artwork for print. We spent many hours experimenting with different ways of producing handcrafted effects to arrive at the look we wanted to accomplish. In the end a technique of dipped match sticks in India ink helped us achieve a beautifully textured pattern.






Cult Partners’ Jeff Hester Panelist at Wines & Vines Packaging Conference

Cult Partners’ very own Jeff Hester was recently honored with an invitation to participate in a panel discussion for a packed house at the Wines & Vines Packaging Conference in Napa. Jeff and other industry veterans discussed the latest innovations in wine packaging including topics such as new wine label materials, custom glass and innovative bottle closures. Wines and Vines is “The Voice of the Wine Industry,” the premiere industry publication with a long focus on wine marketing and production dating back almost 100 years. You can view the article about Jeff and the other panelists on the Wines & Vines website.