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Cult Partners’ Jeff Hester Panelist at Wines & Vines Packaging Conference

Cult Partners’ very own Jeff Hester was recently honored with an invitation to participate in a panel discussion for a packed house at the Wines & Vines Packaging Conference in Napa. Jeff and other industry veterans discussed the latest innovations in wine packaging including topics such as new wine label materials, custom glass and innovative bottle closures. Wines and Vines is “The Voice of the Wine Industry,” the premiere industry publication with a long focus on wine marketing and production dating back almost 100 years. You can view the article about Jeff and the other panelists on the Wines & Vines website.


Sold Out In 7 Minutes!

Our new wine label for Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful sold out of its initial offering in just 7 minutes! I have a feeling this will be a record for the ages. Our previous record was Tenshen, it sold out of it’s first vintage in 2 months. These two labels labels prove that a great label and some good PR are the key to a successful wine brand. We wish Kevin and Vintage Wine Estates continued success with the new label.

Check out the video of Kevin O’Leary selling the new label on QVC.

Photo: Kevin and his wife reviewing our concepts.