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Sold Out In 7 Minutes!

Our new wine label for Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful sold out of its initial offering in just 7 minutes! I have a feeling this will be a record for the ages. Our previous record was Tenshen, it sold out of it’s first vintage in 2 months. These two labels labels prove that a great label and some good PR are the key to a successful wine brand. We wish Kevin and Vintage Wine Estates continued success with the new label.

Check out the video of Kevin O’Leary selling the new label on QVC.

Photo: Kevin and his wife reviewing our concepts.

Holiday promotion on Paper Specs Gallery

Thanks to paper Specs for featuring our holiday promotion in one of their videos. Check out the video here.

Cult Partners’ year-end promotion is sooo appropriate for their client base. But really, who wouldn’t love 90-proof white rum made by an artisan distillery and presented in this beautifully labeled bottle? You can see their inspirations – snowdrifts, mid-century design, abstract type, and holiday nostalgia – in every design choice they made for this label.

The hand-rendered typography, clean and blocky, pressed together as tightly as snowflakes, gives a modern vibe. Of course, producing the type via laser diecutting is beyond gorgeous. It has a crisp, clean feel that lets the contents of the bottle shine and lends a truly unique branded look to this gift.

The textural, uncoated Royal Sundance printed with black type and logo gives that high contrast feel of a sunny winter day. For the detail lover, you have to admire the irregularly cut border. Cin! Cin!