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COLKEGAN AWARDED Excellence in Packaging AT ADI

At the American Distilling Institute’s 8th Annual Judging of American Craft Spirits last week in Seattle, our package design for Sante Fe Spirit’s Colkegan Whiskey won bronze in the Excellence in Packaging category. Thanks to Santa Fe Spirits for the opportunity and the ADI for the honor.


We’re honored that Communication Arts is featuring our wine bottle design for Animist today on their Exhibit feature! Please check it out.

The brand concept of Animist wine is based on the idea of animism, which holds that every worldly object, human and non-human alike, has a soul, and the eye is the portal to that spiritual essence. This package design by Oakland, California-based Cult Partners is centered around a screen-printed illustration of an illuminated eye to signify that the wine is a living object and it, too, has a soul. The overall execution is dark and mysterious, with a perfect balance between classic elegance and contemporary design to target high-income Millennials looking for a wine that is sophisticated, but with an edge. Animist wine was initially developed for Southern California Whole Foods Markets, with plans for expansion as the brand grows.

Double 8 on Lovely Package

We just found out that is also featuring our work for Double 8 Dairy today! Big thanks to Lovely Package for the recognition.

Water buffalo milk might seem like an esoteric ingredient to most, but in fact this milk is one of the richest, creamiest milks on the planet. Italians have milked buffalo for centuries to make cheeses like mozzarella di bufala. Double 8 Dairy decided to capitalize on the richness of the milk to create amazingly creamy farmstead gelato. The packaging captures this pioneering spirit by creating an unique aesthetic for ultra-premium ice creams and gelatos. Positioned to stand out amongst other products in the high-end specialty food retailer, the design solution uses only color and repetitive typographic elements to create a bold and sophisticated branding statement. The end result is a package that exudes modernism, yet pays homage to the Italian heritage of the product itself”